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Bird, Crystal Chan

Bird is the debut novel from Crystal Chan, who will be a featured reader at this year’s Mixed Remixed Festival. So, I was excited to get my hands on this book. To the writer’s credit, I read Bird in one day; something I haven’t done with another book in a long time. The narrator, Jewel, … Continue reading

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This blog has not disappeared, but thanks to tons of projects, it has been a little neglected lately. But I come with a few updates! Firstly: Mixed Remixed is a new, reincarnated festival to celebrate the mixed experience. Please visit the new site, and donate if you are able. Mixed Remixed is seeking submissions – … Continue reading

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A new Cheerios ad features a young mixed girl and an interracial family: Check out the racist-driven backlash on this article at Jezebel. And on Colorlines. And this one on Business Insider. I’m currently reading The Fluency of Light by Aisha Sabatini Sloan. She was recently interviewed on Trop, an online literary site. ABC Family’s … Continue reading