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As I get caught up with all my mixed reading, here’s some new(ish) links: Heidi Durrow’s essay on the Huffington Post The Grio: “Biracial vs. Black” – Thoughts on President Obama’s Mixed heritage National Journal: Mixed Race & Checking the Race Box for College Applications Also on Mixed Race + College Apps: Huffington Post Discussion … Continue reading


Dolen Perkins-Valdez, Wench

Wench is a carefully rendered story about emotional complexities and violence in master/slave relationships of the mid 1800s. Lizzie is a slave who develops a curious relationship with her master, Drayle, that begins with seduction and turns into a kind of love that is punctuated with moments of hurt and disappointment. There is a (albeit … Continue reading

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Marie Hara & Nora Okja Keller, Intersecting Circles

I stumbled across this anthology of writing in the library and was instantly grabbed by the title: Intersecting Circles, the Voices of Hapa Women in Poetry and Prose. It’s a substantial collection, just about 400 pages of thought-provoking, quality writing about the Hapa experience. Check out the anthology here. Reading it, I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Speaking: Ai

“Since I believe that clinging to one’s race tears one apart and that letting go makes one whole, I wish I could say that race isn’t important. But it is…This is a fact which I have faced and must ultimately transcend. If this transcendence were less complex, less individual, it would lose its holiness” -Ai, … Continue reading