Kaylynn Sulivan TwoTrees, Somebody Always Singing You

This memoir chronicles the story of a multiracial (Lakota and African American) woman understanding her identity not only as a person, but as a mother and an artist. She carries the lessons of both sides of her family through each of her own experiences. The most important chapter concerning this blog was “Pehin/hair.”

  • “Many times as a child I dreamt of Grandmother Mabel’s and wished for such silkiness in my own. So man of my childhood thoughts were focused on m hair and this wish” (50).
  • “The days that followed were filled with questions asked by farm girls who had never seen brown skin and nappy hair. …There were hundreds of questions, but those concerning my hair always came first, preceding me like a storm” (57).
  • “I had not been aware of the dance I had choreographed inside myself to accommodate the seemingly conflicting memories flowing in my veins from my diverse ancestors. I had made sense and order of my Scand/African/Lakota heritage, as some of my friends called it. …I had formed an apparently seamless multifaceted persona to present to those whom I encountered” (133).

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

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