A Few Mixed Tumblrs

Since the micro-blogging platform Tumblr has become so popular lately, I’ve decided to link some of my favorites that feature mixed issues/stories/pictures.

1. Mixed Dreams: some may recognize the title from the blog Mixed Dreamer – written by Nicole Nfonoyim. The tumblr site is an extention of her blog, and always full of interesting links.

picture from One Hundred Percent

2. One Hundred Percent: This tumblr is decribed as “illustrated documentary about what it means to be mixed.” It features art and answers to their mixed questionnaire that readers can submit to. The responses so far are honest and engaging.

3. The Daily Multiracial profiles multiracial celebrities, artists, musicians and athletes

4. Half & Half

5. It’s always fun to see young mixed faces. Check out Mixed Race Babies; an all-photo blog of mixed kids and families.

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