Quoting: Faith Adiele

Faith Adiele

“[Being biracial] gives you the ability to be a bridge or translate or see different worlds from the inside that our society has not really allowed people to see. Because this country is built on the distinction between the races, White and Black, and because also our Western thinking is so binary and dichotomous that we don’t really have a language like they do in the East to talk about the middle path.  …it’s really the key to healing the country or being able to see these two things that have not been allowed to see each other. I think it’s so rich.” -(From her interview in The Word: Black Writers Talk about the Transformative Power of Reading and Writing by Marita Golden)

Click here to link to Adiele’s website. Adiele is the author of Meeting Faith: The Forest Journals of a Black Buddhist Nun and the co-editor of  Coming of Age Around the World: A Multicultural Anthology.

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