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I stumbled upon the webiste/book/video project (1)ne Drop thanks to some other mixed bloggers, and am impressed by the dialogue they are creating about skin color and identity. (1)ne Drop seeks to ” challenge narrow, yet popular perceptions of what “Blackness” is and what “Blackness” looks like –- if we can recalibrate our lenses to see Blackness as a broader category of identity and experience, perhaps we will be able to see ourselves as part of a larger global community.” The politics of skin color are so important to discuss, especially within the black community. It is a topic that deeply affects my identity and experience as a mixed person. The home page of their website features a beautiful gallery of people who challenge the norm of “what black looks like.” Check out their blog, which has a great post by Rosa Clemente titled Who is Black?”

Also be sure to check out their Facebook page and Kickstarter campaign (which was successful, but still had a few more days open to donate!)


The video below from a panel through (1)ne Drop, “Beyond the Brown Paper Bag Test,” and many of the excerpts are available on YouTube. Here’s Rosa Clemente:

One thought on “Check This Site: (1)ne Drop

  1. I watched the show on this and Finaly once n my life I felt connected to something In this country that I can really connect to I was always made fun growing up.My Great Grand Parents were both wealthy African Americans from Virginia they moved to West Virginia bought some coal mines One of the first African Americans here and n The US. They had 13 kids Which one of them was My Grandfather James E.Barnett (who I adored)and like his brothers had children by white woman and My Mother was born oldest of 8 and she in turn gave birth to me and my Father was white who was murder when I was 8 never knew u and did not like the fact that he was white.So I grew m a Black neighborhood rejected by both whites and blacks and still suffer from the same problems Don’t know the white family But my African American family is me and that’s who I identify with and love very much. I feel the African drum beating breathing and strong inside me.This is my story JMB

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