Big Dreams

How do you create opportunities for yourself? This question has nagged at me for weeks. Post MFA/grad school life is here and I’ve got to make something happen.

I have bigger hopes & aspirations for this blog and for my future as a writer/editor. I’m working to revamp this site really soon. I’m thinking about Mixed Reader on the regular: changing it up, making it a collaborative space, telling more stories, celebrating more stories. This is where my heart is, so I know it can be better.


One thought on “Big Dreams

  1. Thanks for following blog! I’m now returning the favor. I like what you’re doing here, keep up the good work! And I like your “big dreams”, especially the idea of making this a collaborative space. Feel free to reblog from any time, and if you’d like to contribute something to my blog, let me know….. Wishing you all the best!

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